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Becky Reardon's voice is familiar to the millions of people who heard her sing on the Charlie Brown TV specials (Charles Schultz called her his favorite singer!). She is a composer whose songs and rounds are  sung by community and university choirs, and song circles throughout the US, Canada, British Isles, and Germany. Sometimes jazzy and fun-loving, sometimes trance-inducing and deeply spiritual, her music always conveys her passion for the natural world and the cycles of life. She teaches and performs nationwide, using improvised singing and movement to inspire singers to write their own songs. She is currently writing a musical about a women’s singing circle.


All the songs from Becky's albums are collected in three songbooks.  Singing Back to the Natural World contains the songs from the CDs Follow the Motion, Songs for a Walk, Inside the Outside, and Natural Rhythms (with Terry Garthwaite). Shift contains all the songs from Shift, and Here contains the scores from Becky's latest CD, Here.


The songbooks and pdf files of individual songs can be ordered by emailing Becky directly.


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